My ‘uterus’ is bigger than your ‘uterus’

*Trigger warning: language

Killer Mike’s restatement of a tired and used mantra that “a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be President of the United States” brings up a valid point. Hillary’s uterus makes her no more or less qualified to be President of the United States than any other candidates’ scrotums automatically qualifies them for the office of POTUS.

We, as woman, have got to stop being offended by vocabulary terms. If anything, we should be offend by a culture that prizes pricks as the “have all, end all” of sex organs and all things representative of STRENGTH!

While I would never seek to say that a uterus defines a woman, it very well may be one of the most impressive organs in the human body. It takes a pounding, it sheds it skins, it shrinks, it grows, it expels, it gives life.

It is life.

And yet somehow, we say things like “people have to stop using these terms.”

I respectfully disagree. While these terms should never be used to denigrate….no term should…we should be shouting them off the roof tops, painting them on our faces, celebrating the strength that unites us and makes us woman.

Call them us what you will. These words are our strength, identify, and power.  They do not qualify us to be anything, president or woman….they simply unite us…

A sisterhood of strength, often confusing sensuality with negative sexual conitations, rarely believing in ourselves, but always strong.

We are: uterus, vagina, clitoris, labia, breast, ovary, tits, ass, pussy, cunt.

We are resilient, we are strong. We are not offended by either those that seek to unite or divide our gender, however awkwardly they do so (Gloria, Madeline, etc.). We do not need a woman to rule us to know our strength. We have found it when we needed it and it has carried us through.  We should be shouting it from the roof tops!


One day there will be a woman President, and I am excited for that day. However, I want a President that is proud of her pussy, her strength, her feminine mystique. I want a President that doesn’t have to measure the size of her uterus against the sizes of all her male counterparts’ pricks.

I am not trying to disparage any man or woman! We are both amazingly nuanced creatures that rarely fit any prescribed mold, however, each of us need to start using our personal and sexual traits as the strengths they are rather than weapons to compare ourselves to each other.

My uterus is amazing! And when women rule the world…I am curious if we will have uterus measuring contests on the scale of the Middle East or will have learned to get along?

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